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Album 2 VIP Experience

FaceTime From The Studio PLUS Extras

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  • The band will FaceTime you from the studio and play you an exclusive sneak peak of a brand new song, months before the rest of the world will hear it!

  • PLUS Your name will be added into the physical Vinyl and CD artwork in a special thank you section!
  • PLUS Your name will be added to a VIP mailing list that receives behind the scenes photos from the recording process, as the magic is unfolding!
  • PLUS Receive a personalized thank you video message from Nick

Please note, a copy of the album is NOT included with this item.

100% of all VIP proceeds will go towards the recording, mixing, and mastering costs of album 2. Production begins January 16th, 2022 in Philadelphia PA.

Videos and emails will be distributed, and calls will be organized by Necessary Means. Visit for more details.